Its raining, its pouring...

March 30th, 2022
April showers bring May flowers, Lets keep the water outside!

Water escapement is the most common insurance claim or cause of damages in a condo unit. Whether your toilet overflowed or the unit above yours, sink backed up, in vertical living we need to be conscious and quick addressing water.

As part of your basic tool needs we highly recommend all tenants keep on hand in their units a plunger and pliers. Together these two items can mediate, if not resolve most common plumbing issues.


·This is the first and most important tool that every home should have. Used to get rid of clogs in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, simply place the plunger over the drain, gently push down, and then forcefully pull back up. The idea is to actually pull the blockage back towards you rather than push it deeper into the drain.

General toilet clogs are a tenants reasonability. Having a $10 plunger at home can save you hundreds in a plumbers charge, and a little embarrassment.   


The second most important tool that a tenant can have is a pair of tongue and groove pliers (or “channel locks”, as we call them). Not only will theses have other universal home repairs assistance, in plumbing they are a must have. Tighten for dripping, loosen to open (dropped something down the sink?). Used in nearly every application to grip, push, and pull, these come in very handy when tightening or loosening those pesky water pipe and drain connections.

Dripping faucets, leaky drains, banging pipes and running toilets are all small inconveniences that many of you have pretended not to notice. It is much easier and cost effective to take care of these issues while they are small. As I said before, plumbing issues usually aren’t a big deal – until they are!

Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Also consider – Vinegar and baking soda – not just for science project volcanos!

This concoction not only can get slow drains flowing, but also freshen potential smells coming from the drain.

Francesca Scala - Supervisor, Client Relation

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